Welcome on my BierPage !!!

Why not BeerPage? Yes, i know, the english word for Bier is beer. But the speaking sound of both words, the english and the german word is the same!
So it is easy to say "Bier". Say only "beer".

All beers are valuation-free in alphabetical order of their name listed.
The listing is basically in german alphabetic order - beer names which begins with letters which are not contained in the german alphabet, like e.g. cyrillic names, stand behind the german alphabet listed, thus completely at the end.
Since the listing of the beers is a (special) name list, the names are sorted according to DIN 5007 (special assortment for lists of names, therefore completely exactly as also in german phone books):
ä and ae are the same
ö and oe are the same
ü and ue are the same
ß and ss are the same
Letters which are not contained in the latin and also not in the the german alphabet, for example Å å Æ æ Ø ø Õ õ Ç ç Ã ã Ñ ñ Û û ÿ Ë ë Ç ç and so on, are treated according to the sort rules of the respective origin country (so far well-known).

If there are different labels of a beer since this BierPage exists, then the newest is always in the first place, the older in temporal sequence under it.

All beers on this page have i self drunken.

Over the years some beers change in the taste. This time to the advantage, that time to the disadvantage.
I present here the beers so as i liked them best at the time of the tasting.

The BierPage dedicates itself to the scientific and entertaining


and the research above all the german, but in addition the international BeerWorld.
Because nothing is more boringly than daily the same beer and nothing is more stupid and more senseless than the Runterkübeln of lots of litres of beer - pity for the beer!
The BierPage is never a complete beer list of all beers, but constantly new one comes in addition.
Beer is tradition, beer is modern, beer is healthy. Prost - Cheers.

On principle on this page are only bottle beer listed, no cans. Also you find here no beer which is tapsted in restaurants.
And also no non-alcohol beers. - Final exists also not non-alcohol whisky.
Also you find here no bottle beer without a paperlabel.
Also not Bier-Mixes where the part of beer is lower than 90 percent, like for example Alsterwasser, Radler, Diesel.

A Bier is missing at Klaus Eichfelds BierPage?
That can occur (many beers are however in work: drink - scanning - HTMLisizing).
No problem!
Send just a BierMail with these Bier to me and after a short time you can find this Bier here!

Here on this place also my cordial thanx to all BeerDonors which contributed also to the growing of the BierPage.

And now:

Many pleasure!!!

BTW, i can't scan the labels in best quality.
The problem are the bright gold and silver colours.
If anyone knows a good way for scanning this, please send a eMail to me.