The Peroni is a beer from Italy. It comes from the S.p.A Birra Peroni, Roma.

Beer is called in Italy Birra.
Italy is not famous straight as beer country. The more surprisingly the large selection locally (particularly in large supermarkets) and the throughout good to very good quality of the Italian beers.
Particularly surprisingly the big bottles - 0.66 litres! The Italians must be thus big beer drinkers, who would have that thought! On no account only wine...
Pledge bottles are however probably unknown in Italy.

This beer is golden in the colour, fresh in the taste and fine dry. Indeed it isn't a highlight because it is rather unimportant, too watery, feeble and hardly spicy.

Here is Peroni in the web.

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This older Peroni comes from the S.p.A Birra Peroni Industriale, Roma.

The back label informs:
Peroni nasce nel lontano 1846 e da oltre 150 anni in Italia è sinonimo di birra. La qualità degli ingredienti utilizzati, l'impiego di orzo a semina primaverile, la cura nella sua produzione ed una particolare attenzione al cambiamento dei gusti dei consumatori, hanno fatto si che Peroni sia da sempre la birra più bevuta dagli italiani.

It is a good beer.

Here is Peroni in the web.

Note: good