Hasen-Bräu - Weißer Hase

The Hasen-Bräu Weißer Hase comes from the Hasen-Bräu, Augsburg.

The back label informs:
Weißbier-Spezialität - in der Flasche gereift
(Weißbier (white/wheat beer) speciality - in the bottle matured)

The back label of this older Hasen-Bräu Weißer Hase informs:
Die bayerische Weißbier-Spezialität mit feiner obergäriger Hefe.
(The bavarian Weißbier (white/wheat beer) speciality with fine top-fermented yeast.)

This beer is golden nature cloudy in the colour, sparkling, yummy, fresh, fine spicy and fruity aromatic in the taste, solid, very tasty and very full-bodied! It is very refreshing and tingling. Very good against an incredible thirst! It is pleasant aromatic in the after drunk.

Here is the Hasen-Bräu in the web.

Note: very good!