Appenzeller Bier - Appenzeller Hanfblüte

The Appenzeller Bier Appenzeller Hanfblüte is a beer from Switzerland. It comes from the Brauerei Locher AG, Appenzell.

Beer is called in Switzerland Bier, Bière and Birra.
Switzerland is well the country of the Lager beers. Because Lager beers were the large part of the beers which i discovered there. In addition, there is a large variety of hemp beers compared with other countries.
Switzerland completely wrongly is - regarding beer - a white spot on the map of the world...

Already the label of the Appenzeller Hanfblüte shows the harvest of an important ingredient:

(these pretty leafs are from an interesting useful plant field at the BUGA 2001 Bundesgartenschau in Potsdam.)

There are beer and many further interesting hemp products at, at dupetit and in the HanfHaus (HempHouse).

And the Hanf-Museum (hemp museum) in Berlin, in the Nikolaiviertel, is recommended also much.
And that every year take place the Hanf-Parade (hemp parade) in the inner city of Berlin, right by the Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) is really good known, or?

The back label informs:
In the olden days, hemp was used as well as hops to flavour beer in Europe. With the <<Appenzeller Hanfblüte>> we have renewed this time-honoured tradition. The result is a natural beer with a distinctive flavour.

This beer is wonderful yummy, really very spicy, very full-bodied, very tasty, solid and rusty.
Aromatic full spicy rounded in the taste it is absolutely yummy! A beer with character.
This beer is a top beer of the extra class!!!

Here is Appenzeller Bier in the web.

Note: very good!! & very yummy!! & very spicy!!